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- A baking tool product design trade studio from Ningbo, China


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A brief introduction to the website

You may find that the prices on our website are very low, many products are the same as the wholesale price. But to say our website is positioned as retail or wholesale, in fact I can't tell myself, we just set a low price at wholesale, but sell it at retail. Why? Mainly because lazy, lazy to analyze the data to set a maximum profit price, but also lazy to distinguish between retail customers and wholesale customers, in my case, I guarantee that retail customers and wholesale customers are the same, you are equal. So directly with the most brutal way to reduce the price to the minimum. But please rest assured that we have no problems with quality at all. Remember, the price is cheap just because we are lazy.

Although our profits are extremely low, I admit that we built the station to make money, we frankly, a little vulgar, but we also have a lofty dream, an almost impossible dream, we hope we can take the good quality and cheap Chinese products, to the world, but also hope to bring some Chinese culture through the product to you, to give you a different sense of beauty.


It's also time to end. In short, I want you to know that behind are not robots; nor are we people who are only in it for the performance, only for the money. It's a group of lovely people who want to make friends with you. With us, there is no race, no country, and no family hatred. There is only mutual connection and communication.

Now let me serve you!

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