How to Piping Poinsettia for Christmas Decoration?

True to its name, the poinsettia is especially popular during the Christmas season. Its vibrant bracts, often mistaken for petals, are actually part of the upper leaves, while the inconspicuous true flowers reside within these bracts, featuring a small cluster of yellow in the center.



Color: Petal-like parts in red (Red + Orange); Central part of the flower in yellow (Cantaloupe Color + Autumn Leaf Color)

kowanii #353 Leaf Piping Tip

Piping bags


Piping Steps:

  1. Pipe an assisting circle to determine the starting point for piping.


  1. With the piping nozzle flat on the table and its tip touching the assisting circle, use the leaf piping technique to create a petal (refer to "Basic Petal Piping"), gently rotating the nozzle while releasing pressure.


  1. Once you've reached the desired length, stop applying pressure and swiftly detach the piping nozzle.


  1. Repeat steps 2 to 3, piping a first layer of six petals.


  1. Repeat steps 2 to 4, piping another layer of six slightly shorter petals, positioning the second layer between the first layer of petals.


  1. Cut a moderately sized hole at the end of a piping bag filled with yellow buttercream frosting, and pipe about 6 to 8 small dots at the center of the flower.

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