How to Piping Lily of the Valley?

Also known as Convallaria, clusters of delicate, white, bell-shaped flowers hang gracefully on the side of lush, green stems, adding vitality to their surroundings with their sweet fragrance and charming appearance.


Materials and Steps

Color: White petals (Extreme White); Stems and leaves in light and dark green (Chestnut Green)

Kowanii #81 piping nozzle and Kowanii #352 leaf-shaped piping nozzle Piping bags


  1. Using leaf-piping techniques, pipe green buttercream frosting into various leaf shapes (refer to "Basic Petal Piping").


  1. Cut a small portion from the end of a piping bag filled with light green buttercream frosting. Pipe longer stems and curved small branches branching outward.


  1. With the Kowanii #81 piping nozzle, pipe white flowers on the shorter stems, allowing them to curve when connecting to the stems. Apply consistent gentle pressure, slightly lifting the piping bag upward to create delicate, semi-bell-shaped flowers.


  1. Repeat the previous step, piping connected flowers on each small stem.




Lilies of the Valley work excellently as filler flowers. If decorating a cake with other flower types, pipe the lilies of the valley directly onto the cake. You can also use different sizes of chrysanthemum-shaped piping nozzles to vary the shapes and sizes of the flowers.


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