How to Piping Gardenia?

Color: White petals (Extreme White); Yellow center of the flower (Cantaloupe + Autumn Leaf); Brown pistil (Brown + a hint of Chestnut Green)

kowanii #104 petal piping nozzle

Flower nail (optional)

Piping bag



How to piping gardenia?

1. Begin by piping a small mound of buttercream frosting on the flower nail, then position the piping nozzle perpendicular to the surface. While squeezing the piping bag, rotate the flower nail counterclockwise to create a small upright petal (refer to "Basic Petal Piping").

2. Repeat the previous step, allowing the petals to overlap.

3. Gradually build outward, creating arched upright petals, adding some pleats or variations in length.

4. If you find it challenging to pipe in a certain direction, consider changing positions in a clockwise direction.

5. Cut a small hole at the end of a piping bag filled with brown buttercream frosting and pipe a short, slightly wavy pistil.

6. Cut a small hole at the end of another piping bag filled with yellow buttercream frosting and, with consistent pressure, pipe the center of the flower.

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