How to Piping Flower Calla Lily?

 The Calla Lily boasts a tall stature and thick, curving petals, often cut and displayed indoors to exhibit a bold and beautiful decorative style. The most common Calla Lilies are white, highly favored as floral decorations for weddings.



  1. Colors: White petals (Extreme White), Yellow center of the flower (Yellow + Autumn Leaf), Green sepal and stem (Gooseberry Green).
  1. kowanii korea petal piping tips #104 and #126.
  1. Piping bag.


Piping Steps:

  1. Begin by piping a satin-finish petal approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch) long (refer to "Basic Petal Piping" for guidance), which can be longer based on decoration needs. Pipe with the narrower side of the nozzle facing upwards.



  1. Position the nozzle to the right of the satin-finish petal and pipe an upright petal from the top to the bottom. Then, fold and curve the petal towards the bottom.



  1. Pipe another upright petal on the left side of the satin-finish petal, ensuring a pointed tip at the end.



  1. The bottom parts of the two upright petals should overlap.



  1. Cut a moderate-sized hole at the end of the piping bag and, with stable pressure, pipe the yellow center. Gradually reduce the pressure while moving towards the top.



  1. Finally, using a smaller diameter piping bag, pipe the green sepal and stem.